Birthday parties

We provide the best animal parties around, with a range of packages to choose from. We bring a selection of wonderful exotic animals and domestic pets to your party, whether it is at home or in a suitable venue.



Animal activity parties

They can be held in your own home or local hall.

Set up takes only 10-20 minutes depending on your package, and can include a jungle-themed party backdrop and seating around a mat, so that the space is easily cleared after the session.  

The children sit down and we place a fleece dry-lined handling blanket on their laps. 

After a short introduction and health and safety talk, the party begins with Poppy the dog saying hello to everyone.

Depending on whether you choose fluffies or exotics, or a combination, the creatures including  stick insects, cockroaches, and tarantulas will be passed around to be held if the individual is willing .

Next dragons, a plated lizard, leopard and crested geckos take their turn .

Snakes next: a Royal Python, King snakes, Corn snakes and a Rainbow Boa all have a turn.

Our two hand-reared pigeons love to have a chat with all the children.

Degus and chinchillas all sit on laps and enjoy the attention and animal treats.

Lastly, rabbits and guinea pigs all take a turn to be handled.

This is all done in a fun, educational way.  



Animal HQ van

You can choose our animal HQ van, which is decorated inside like a jungle with lights and sounds, to immerse yourself in the jungle experience. It seats 15 people for a VIP party.

Inside the van holds over 40 animals in fan-ventilated or thermostatically-controlled environments.

Everyone gets to hold all the animals if they wish.

You can choose which animals to include: snakes, lizards, bugs and tarantulas, Degus, Chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs and pigeons.

Hygiene is important! It is vital that people wash their hands with warm soapy water after handling the animals, ready for party food snacks or home time.

Please note: the party backdrop can only be used in a hall and will not be used in a home location.

All animals can be selected on an individual basis but at certain times of the year animals may be unsuitable to due to individual husbandry (care) needs.   

Book your occasion at the Boat House at Preston Beach, Paignton, and get free room hire for two hours plus free squash for the kids. They offer birthday food menu at a great price.   

Please wash hands after animal handling