Our aim is to deliver a quality, friendly service based around animal assisted therapy and activity.

All our sessions are covered by public liability insurance and also product liability and employers liability to cover helpers and work experience people.

Pets are brought to specified environments including people's homes, schools and retirement homes for structured or informal activity sessions.

The animals act as an aid to making someone's day better by having a therapeutic effect .The animals' presence and people's interaction with them encourages movement, communication and social interaction.

Animals can help to individuals to develop responsibility for another creature, leading to increased personal responsibility - with appropriate support from staff members. Through this, individuals may begin to overcome fears and gain confidence.

Animal Activity's goal is to help people understand the care needs, husbandry and handling of animals to educate and develop an understanding about keeping pets.

We do not breed animals for profit and are not animal breeders . Most of our animals are donated to us or are purchased at a token price to enable us to focus on all our animals needs.

On occasion, animals do breed and we try to keep them in our collection, swap with local shops or, if asked, we may relocate them to a suitable home.